Nominations Sought for Woodstock Trail Stewardship Award

Annette C. Compton Fiertz Trail Stewardship Award Announced

Tcomptonhe Woodstock Trails Partnership seeks nominations for the 2013 Annette C. Compton Fiertz Trail Stewardship Award. The award was created in honor of the dedicated work of Annette Compton Fiertz and her efforts in trail stewardship and community engagement for the Woodstock Trails Partnership.

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals, organization or businesses that advance the Woodstock Trails Partnership goals of trail stewardship, outreach and education, and volunteerism and partnership development to support and enhance the Woodstock trail network.

Annette was a leader in the founding of the Woodstock Trails Partnership. She was the force behind the conception and development of the Walk Woodstock map, which highlights the 30 miles of trails that connects the Woodstock Village to Billings Park and Mount Peg, the National Park, King Farm, Appalachian Trail and other protected lands.  She also crafted complimentary trail kiosks that welcome visitors at the trails heads for Mount Peg, Faulkner and the Appalachian Trail.

Annette was a champion for community use and enjoyment of trails for health and wellness, and the promotion of Woodstock as a world-class walking and hiking destination for tourism. Her vision was instrumental in the development of Trek to Taste, an event held on National Trails Day with over 30 community partners that celebrates the trails and heart-healthy local food.  She also promoted the trails with her passion in art, often bringing groups out to vistas and overlooks to appreciate their beauty and experience plein air painting.

Nominations for the Annette C. Compton Fiertz Trail Stewardship Award are open to all individuals, organizations, and businesses that have contributed to the stewardship of trails in the Woodstock trails network and advanced the goals of the Woodstock Trails Partnership.  The winner will be recognized at the annual Trek to Taste event on June 1st with a framed print of one of Annette’s original watercolor paintings of the overlook of Mount Tom.

To submit a nomination, send in your name and contact information, the name and contact information of the person, organization or business you wish to nominate, and a statement of why you feel they should be nominated (500 words max). Submissions can be sent to: Marissa Jager at and must be received no later than May 3rd.

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