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Trustees Deliberating on Police Officer Termination

Woodstock Village Trustees met yesterday morning to consider a termination proposal of Woodstock Police Department’s Officer Jennifer Hutchins.

We do not know the nature of the allegations made against her, since this took place in executive session, although some may involve a recent incident while she was a volunteer with Ski Runners at Suicide Six in South Pomfret.

Going into the hearing, Hutchins’ attorney lamented the fact that some who could have come forward to support her have now said they do not want to get involved.

As you know, Woodstock Early Bird is a supporter of Officer Jen and her public service here. We believe that notwithstanding the specifics of that Suicide Six incident that her overall record of contribution to the community should be considered. It is a shame that those who have benefitted from her kindness and interest, and her involvement in many community activities (as well as emergency response and public safety) should now let this process continue without stepping up to assist.

We understand Village Trustees will meet next week to make a decision in the matter.