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Barnard Helipad Back “On”

We have an update on a contested helipad project from John Snyder, Chairman of Barnard’s Development Review Board (Some Barnard residents have opposed the project for a variety of reason including concerns about noise):

From Snyder (WEB edited very slightly for ease of reading):

Barnard’s Zoning Administrator (ZA) , Preston Pristow, recieved an email from Kevin Lessard, the General Manager for Monsalvat Farm.

The owner has decided (after all) to proceed with the helicopter pad project.

This following the decision by the Barnard DRB to deny the appeal and uphold the ZA’s decision that the project does not require a building permit under current Barnard zoning regulations.

I understand that there are additional permits required for this project from the State of Vermont, and that the decision of the DRB can be appealed to the Environmental Court within 30 days of the DRB’s decision (last monday).


For some background on this story we refer you to a recent column in The Valley News: