Love That Dirty Water


We know we are a bit behind the curve this one but our friends over on River and North Streets are reporting some, er, turbid waters…

Municipal Manager Phil Swanson says it has nothing to do with the River St embankment project. However, he says Woodstock Aqueduct has been doing some line flushing which may explain the above photo…

Late this afternoon we put in a call to Sir Eric over at WA but got a busy busy busy busy signal.

Hopefully your pipes are now running clear. (Also good culinary tip for roasting – don’t take out that roast until the juices run clear)

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  1. Posted by Steven Thomas on May 6, 2013 at 17:07

    It’s the flush that makes it look like a non-flush. (A friend called Eric this morning and he confirmed the flushing…).


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