Hendler Guilt Entered…Sentencing Sept. 9, 2013

Woodstock resident Paul Hendler entered his guilty plea in U. S. District Court in Brattleboro today, pleading as agreed this past March,  to two counts out of 14 charges of federal financial improprieties in a case involving JavaPop, Inc.  The Federal Case Docket refers him admitting guilt to count “6” and count “14”.

The other charges to which Hendler did not admit guilt —  as part of a plea agreement  — concerned Connecticut and Central Vermont businesses and individuals, among them  Woodstock’s Christopher Lloyd and Green Mountain Digital.

Hendler also agreed in court today to criminal forfeiture of property, a reference in this case to a home he purchased in Woodstock allegedly with improperly gained monies.

Judge J. Garvan Murtha set a sentencing date of September 9, 2013 on the federal felony charges.

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