Police Termination: Village Trustees Statement

Statement of Woodstock Village Trustees

The Woodstock Village Trustees voted Tuesday in open session to terminate the relationship between the Village and a police officer. The vote took place in open session following a meeting of the Trustees held in executive session.

Executive session was called for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter, as provided by Vermont’s open meetings law. The former officer attended the hearing, and was represented by counsel.

Vermont law protects the privacy rights of public employees. The officer did not request that the Trustees hold a public hearing and did not otherwise waive the right to privacy.

The Trustees are unable to comment further on this matter.


Woodstock Early Bird adds this information which we believe is relevant – notwithstanding this being a personnel issue – from the Vermont Secretary of State Website:

“Abusing the law of executive session is offensive to the purpose of open meetings. Boards should close their meetings rarely, and then only for legitimate purposes. If the subject is already well known to the community, even if the board is able to find a category to cite, there is no justification for entering executive session.”

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  1. During times of stress we make decisions and sign papers that do not represent the way we see or truly act in the world. Other people judge us by their standards which might or might not be correct or even fair. This is but a temporary set back, look to the future and making a stand for women and fairness.

    A private discussion with the early bird would be a great help.


  2. Posted by Kim Sweeney on May 9, 2013 at 17:37

    Lets face it, this is because she is a woman! And the town of Woodstock should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the officials to make this decision during a private meeting. It should be voted on regardless and the public should be aware! Woodstock needs to reelect new town officials! The private meeting is crap and leads me to wonder if the poor girl who was terminated was even aware that she was being fired?


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