Woodstock Police: No Charges for Gun in Vehicle

From Chief Robbie Blish:

Woodstock Police Department investigated a complaint filed by Woodstock Union High School on 05/07/2013 alleging that a student had a firearm in his vehicle on school property.

State law prohibits people from carrying a firearm into school buildings and/or onto school buses. State law additionally prohibits people carrying firearms onto school property if there is an intent to injure someone.

The facts of this incident are that the student had the firearm in his vehicle on school property.

However, the firearm was never brought into a school building or onto a school bus.

Our investigation revealed that the student did not intend to injure anyone.

In this case the school’s investigation and our investigation have determined that this was an isolated incident and that there was no intent on the part of the student to injure anyone.

While the school may take additional measures based on possible violations of school policy, this is not a criminal incident and no charges are pending or expected.

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  1. Posted by Suzy on May 8, 2013 at 22:14

    There may not have been any intent for harm, but the child obviously does not know how to properly handle a gun. I think that the child’s hunting license should be pulled for the remainder of the year and the child should be required to take a gun safety class before any license is issued next year. In addition, a days suspension from school doing community service.


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