Good Samaritan Tried To Save Life


She heard the sound, the screeching of brakes, of a major vehicle crash and left her home above Fool on the Hill to see what happened. She got to the car with others who gave her a phone to give directions to a 911 operator. The others spoke to the accident victim. Trained at the highest level of EMT and once having had thoughts of pursuing a paramedic degree, Jennifer Mandarino saw the color of the victim’s face change rapidly. She told the victim she was not alone, that help was on the way. She also realized that after checking vitals, she needed to do what she could to help save this woman. She tried CPR and gave her mouth-to-mouth resusitation until Woodstock Ambulance arrived. She tried but could not reach the accident victim’s chest. When the accident victim was gone, Mandarino said a prayer to bless her and send her on her way.

Mandarino has lived in Quechee just over the Woodstock line for about three years. She regularly attends Woodstock’s Unitarian Universalist Church. She says the church members have been helping her of late with a food and meal train as she recently had surgery and was supposed to be taking it easy.

She was interviewed by Hartford Police along with others following the fatal accident on Route 4 yesterday. She stood by for several hours continuing to watch over the woman she tried to save.

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  1. Posted by Suzanne Keating on May 10, 2013 at 10:43

    a good piece of writing… talking about what really matters, thank you~


  2. Posted by dianne cummings on May 10, 2013 at 18:37

    I agree, much nicer to see this than WEB making sure she gets recognition for her photos of the accident when the news station wanted to use them. I just don’t see the point of posting so many photos


    • Information gathering takes time and effort no matter what the story. It is professional courtesy to give credit for the work, information or photos no matter what the story, no matter the circumstances. We assume you come to the blog for information and you are not paying for the effort and we are not that concerned if you don’t. However if for-profit information outlets are using the product of WEB’s unpaid time and effort, the least they can offer is credit. And in this case as professionals they did. Sorry if you don’t like it but this is the way it works.

      Is Woodstock Early Bird charging you or a TV station for her work? No. We are sharing our information for FREE.

      So give us a break on the snide commentary. We fully understand the family and community’s loss.


  3. Posted by Lisa Linton on May 10, 2013 at 22:26

    Sometimes less information is better. We need to remember she has four grieving children, a grieving husband, grieving parents and many friends and they do not need to know the details. Not all information needs to be blogged about….have some compassion for the ones who are now faced with coping and dealing this loss…..


    • Lisa,

      Appreciate your comment as we know you have dealt for years as first responder and proud EMT trained volunteer with Woodstock Ambulance and have routinely dealth with difficult and tragic situations.

      Understand your point of view and think very carefully, try to be considerate at all times in posting information.

      In this case, we believed that if this were our family if might be of comfort to know the deceased was not alone, was cared for, that efforts were made to help and that a goodbye blessing was given.

      We understand what you are saying and mean no disrespect – there is actually much that we have not reported about this tragedy out of respect for the family.



    • Posted by Jennifer Mandarino on May 11, 2013 at 14:27

      Lisa, I will keep this simple out of respect on many facets. Although I did not seek recognition for my efforts, it happened anyway. Patience’s death is truly tragic. If it were someone you knew wouldn’t you prefer to know they didn’t pass alone, and had love and a blessing for their journey?
      We worked together at BES. Think back to who I was and how I love all. Perhaps this will help you.


  4. Posted by barb on May 12, 2013 at 12:26

    great human interest…..hope the family is consoled that someone tried to help….i (personally) think you did the right thing in sharing this side of the story julia. thanks.


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