Matt Powers: Native Vermonter Leads Woodstock History Center

mattWe’ve just had a little sit-down with the Matt Powers, the new Director of the Woodstock History Center. He’s originally from Essex Junction and has just come down the pike from the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, and its major renovation/restoration work and not a little bit of controversey.  So, as Woodstock Early Bird likes to say, “Not his first rodeo…”  He also worked for many years at the Sandwich, N.H Historical Society.

Powers, after getting an undergraduate degree in American Studies at Keene State and a masters degree in New England Studies at the University of Southern Maine, has come around full circle back home.

Powers and his wife spent a little bit o’ time out West in the Lake Tahoe area; Portland, Oregon and really felt a need to come back East. So they ended up in New Hampshire while he went to school in Maine and she went to school in New Hampshire. And now, the plan is they’ll be moving on down the pike here to Woodstock from their current set-up in Barnet.

Powers, who laughs easily and for sure knows full well what small-town life is like didn’t really want to talk about it too much but he let slip that a few generations back his family may have been “on the wrong side” of a Vermont battle or two. Hmmm.

We can’t wait to hear more about this piece of Vermont lore and of course, give him a hard time about it. A Woodstock Early Bird with a thorough knowledge of Vermont history might want to inquire about that particular background. Maybe we’ll even have a re-enactment on the History Center lawn!

Otherwise, we can tell that this gentleman, our latest newbie to town, has a great amount of  enthusiasm and affability (as well as training for the job) and is, of course, interested in the education and outreach part of  running a Historical Society. He dealt well with the Bird’s forthright manner and questioning.  We welcome him to the Woodstock Early Bird community!  Give him a big fussy neighborly “Hello”!

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