Harpoon and HuffPo: Top Summer Ten Includes This Windsor Beer

SummerBeer-2013-ModalWe’re not really sure what some guy and his drinking buddies at Huffington Post know about beer, but hey, we’ll take the national attention for our own local Harpoon Brewers whose Harpoon Summer beer garnered a #5 in HuffPo’s latest lighten up with a summer beer survey:

Here is Harpoon’s description of their summer beer:

We decided to brew this beer after Rich and Dan visited Cologne, Germany, the birthplace of the Kölsch style. They loved the subtlety of the flavor and appreciated the craftsmanship required to make a beer like this consistent and good. We were on the lookout for a new summer seasonal at the time and the Kölsch, with its refreshing flavor and crisp finish, seemed like a perfect fit.


Our version of the traditional German Kölsch-style ale. This beer, which is light and refreshing, appears to resemble a lager rather than an ale. The Kölsch style is a testimony to the broad spectrum of characteristics an ale can produce, as well as the brewer’s art. The body is soft and delicate with a dry, crisp finish.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: straw-gold with bubbly white head
  • Aroma: lightly sweet, faint wheat
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