NYT: How Ken Burns Explores New England

As you know, we have been featuring “honorable mentions” about Woodstock in the national press, including a recent New York Times Q & A with Ken Burns:

Q. What other historical sites transport you?

A. The Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, Vt. Frederick Billings, he was a big railroad executive, and this was his attempt to design a sustainable farm back in the late 19th century. It was right at the moment the National Parks were being founded, when people were concerned about the fact that we were losing the frontier, that we had gobbled up all of this continent, which Thomas Jefferson thought would take hundreds of generations to fill. Here at the Billings Farm you see the moment of creation when we started to understand that some release from civilization is required. Thoreau had championed it in “Walden”; that was one man’s attempt. The Billings Farm, this was somebody putting the ideas of conservation and sustainable land use into practice at a large scale, and that’s impressive. It’s still an amazing farm and museum.


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