NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 10pm

The National Weather Service has just (1pm) issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Woodstock, Vermont until 10pm this evening with the highest probability of storms developing after 5pm.

Most of Vermont is now under the Severe Thunderstorm Watch.

Some hikers we ran into on the Village Green have been savvy enough to get off the Appalachian Trail for a spell until the weather settles down again. They said they had heard that there would be severe storms so are taking shelter here. One of these hikers (upper left) is from Texas, the other three from Peacham, Vermont. They met on the trail and decided to come into town all together. It wasnt clear if their priority was ice cream or pizza but we think they were headed to Nick’s Pizza Chef….One of these gentlemen just retired from Peacham’s newish whiz bang Northeast Astronomy Foundation and its Northern Skies Observatory. http://www.nkaf.org. He invited us all to come up and visit.


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