Officer Jen Legal Defense Fund Yard Sale SUNDAY, Too


UPDATE: Officer Jen reports Saturday Legal Defense Fund receipts of  $400+. The tag sale for the defense fund will continue Sunday and possibly Monday. Come one, come all.  

For those who would like to help Officer Jen pay outstanding and future legal defense bills, a yard sale is underway at 3186 South Road (Rt. 106) almost to South Woodstock.

Enormous amount of items under cover in the garage. Outfit a dorm room. Heat a chicken coop. Shoes, clothes, baskets, etc.

Officer Jen humbly accepting contribution items for the tag sale legal effort.

While Officer Jen was fired by the Village Trustees, for which she needed legal representation, another (if not more) case (s) is pending.

Officer Jen has come when we called. Woodstock Early Bird thinks we should answer her call.

Also its just a fun thing to do in the rain….drive around – carefully – yard sale-in’!

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  1. Posted by Kim Sweeney on May 25, 2013 at 17:52

    She can also do an online yard sale on Facebook! Since the weather is so bad!! I hope she does well!!!


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