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Governor to Cut Ribbon at Barnard General Store


Big doings in Barnard Saturday morning as Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin cuts a ribbon to celebrate the official reopening of The BGS (aka Barnard General Store).

If you haven’t been in, or over, or up to, the Store, 11am tomorrow is the time to check it out for the bigwigs ceremony!

We also have notice from our new BGS operators that a lil’ wine and cheese hour or two will be held @ 4pm tomorrow.

Note: For those who don’t know, the BGS has been reopened through the efforts of the community and the efforts of new operators, Joe and Jillian:

From their website:

The Barnard Community Trust now owns the Barnard General Store, but funds are needed to pay off the mortgage, pay for insurance, taxes, and for repairs and upkeep on the store. We still need your help.