Governor “Re-Opens” Barnard General Store

bgs shumlin1

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin today “re-opened” the Barnard General Store in a cheerful, summery official ribbon-cutting ceremony, noting the efforts of Barnard’s residents in keeping their community alive – in true Vermont spirit – by “saving” a “downtown” structure — the store —  through their  independent fund-raising efforts.

He made sure to emphasize the fund-raising continues to keep up the building and pay off the remainder of  purchase money owed,  as he placed a $10 donation into a jar and asked eveyone to contribute.

The scene at the BGS was like any other day, any other year,  on a hot summer morning — a lot of laid-back, relaxed locals and visitors lounging on a concrete porch under the shade of the store’s eaves, not moving too, too much in the heat.

These regular suspects — many of  whom have made large sacrifices of time and money for the BGS effort– stared out at the view of Silver Lake as it always is, perhaps as it has always been, a few people picnicking, some kids jumping off the dam levee into the water and a few boaters launching kayaks for a their first cross-lake ventures of the season.

After the short ceremony, including the introduction of new business owners Joe and Jillian,  (They own the business; Friends of BGS own the building) it seemed everyone decided to have an ice cream cone, Vermont-made and dripping onto the creaky wooden floorboards of the old gathering place.    (Click on link above for a clip of Governor Shumlin’s comments. You will need to boost audio.)

BGS shumlin2

Barnard resident Dean Jillson enjoys a good shoulder slap from Governor Peter Shumlin

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