Caps and Gowns 2013: Project Graduation Needs YOU!

graduationThe Woodstock Union High School Class 0f 2013 has two more weeks before they are the GRADUATED Class of 2013 at Woodstock Union High School.  
What has developed over the years is a plan for safe, fun, all-night “partying” in a chaperoned atmosphere so kids are kept off the roads and out of situations involving heavy drinking.
Parents and local businesses have stepped up to the plate to organize a Project Graduation EVENT each year, with gifts and prizes and a whole night’s worth of activity for what is hoped to be the entire graduating senior class.
 This year, the Class of 2013 Project Graduation will be held at Pico Resort in Mendon. The kids will be taken over and back in school busses. 
We have had an appeal from some senior parents for some more financial help with this event. If you’d like to write a check or make a donation, contact Dianne Langona for details on how to make out the check and/or to whom it should be delivered:
Herewith a letter sent to local businesses by the Seniors themselves (Woodstock Early Bird got a peek at some of the contributed items and these folks have really given quite freely of some of their best wares!) 
On June 14, 2013 the Woodstock Union High School Class of 2013 will celebrate its graduation. We, as class officers, are collaborating with a group of parents, faculty and staff to revitalize Project Graduation, an all-night, chaperoned, substance-free event featuring a variety of activities, entertainment, food and regular prize drawings.
National statistics demonstrate that too many young people confuse graduation celebrations with excessive partying, sometimes resulting in serious or fatal incidents.
Our goal is to provide all members of the Class of 2013 with a safe, fun-filled night of great graduation memories. Your involvement can help make this event a reality.
We would like to be able to offer at least one door prize for each graduate who attends Project Graduation. In order to accomplish this, and to cover the expenses of a facility, great food, and terrific entertainment, we are seeking donations of cash or prizes from individuals or businesses.
Our class will make the first contribution to our fundraising effort. Given the economic climate, we appreciate any support that you might provide.  We will, of course, acknowledge individuals and businesses in print, as desired.
On behalf of the WUHS Class of 2013, their families and friends, we thank you for your generosity and willingness to offer a safe celebration alternative to our graduating seniors.
Katie Leavitt, Pres.           Lizzy Miller, Vice Pres.             Sawyer Mattsson, Secretary              Alex King, Treas.
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