Frameworks Studio of Woodstock Joins the Early Bird Family

frameworks maureenWoodstock Early Bird is not-so-early in remarking on the addition of another fine local advertiser for this news blog: Frameworks Studio of Woodstock.

You have probably noticed the ad on our “rail” and wondered, where, what, etc? Frameworks, run by the cheerful, friendly and professional Maureen Dow,  is a LOVELY studio space, well-lit, clean and open for your projects.

The studio is next to the Sunoco in the East End of Woodstock with plenty of convenient parking in the area. You may remember Maureen from her years as a graphics person at Wild Apple and/or her husband Neal who is a carpenter/builder. Put graphics and wood-work together and voila! : Frameworks Studio.

If you are like Woodstock Early Bird, you have some old prints, photos, an oil painting of Grandma’s, that amazing watercolor your kid created that are ALL leaning up against a wall gathering DUST. Don’t let it happen!  Treat your treasured artworks well. They are begging for a lovely matte and frame and to be placed on your wall.

We, like you, love the fridg as a gallery space, but let’s all step it up and give Maureen some business. Your family heirlooms,  your kids first works of art are begging for some wall space. That fridg and closet just don’t do them justice! Plus sitting there they are getting old and the dust, etc. damaging to your fine works of art.

‘Nuf said. Maureen is interested in all projects, large or small, detailed or not-so-detailed. Neal can build a frame, lots of selections and choices already on display, non-reflective glass, etc.

Frameworks Studio hours are Tuesday-Friday 10-4 and Saturday Mornings 10-12.  BY APPOINTMENT ANYTIME: 802-356-5235.

Thanks FRAMEWORKS Studio for being a supporter of Woodstock Early Bird! We couldn’t do it without you!

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