No Free Lunch…But on National Donut Day…

dunkin donut

NOTE! This is Friday, June 7th! 

Lots of exceptions, provisos, etc. making clear that this national “offer” is only for “participating” Dunkin Donuts and only “while supplies last.”

All that said, those of you who travel to the Rt. 4 corridor through Quechee might be interested to know that Friday is National Donut Day and it MAY be that our local DD’s will be offering a FREE DONUT with the purchase of a coffee beverage.

Might we mention, because we must: THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE DONUT!!!

P.S. We have to say the best donuts EVER made were those lovingly created in a farm kitchen somewhere nearby and sold at Gillingham’s for years and years. We were fans!

There is an actual relevant history to National Donut Day. We refer you to Wikipedia or other sources if you want to know WHY you might be offered a free donut — all marketing aside.

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  1. Posted by P. Foley on June 5, 2013 at 06:22

    The lady that made those wonderful donuts was Laura Perry and she lived on Linden Hill. ((where the DiNatale Family lives now). On Halloween she would give out warm donut holes to the kids. It was a wonderful time


    • Posted by Tom on June 5, 2013 at 10:19

      When I was a kid I delivered the Rutland Herald on Linden Hill. The aroma of fresh made donuts at 6 in the morning coming from Mrs. Perry’s kitchen was overwhelming! If I had extra papers on a particular day I would trade her one for a freshly made warm donut. They were so good! She told me she always used lard that was real hot…thus the crunchy outside and soft inside. She was still making them in her 80’s. She was such a sweet lady.


      • She had no idea, but those donuts got me through some difficult months of separation from my ex-husband. I couldn’t stomach anything except those donuts! Even though I enjoyed plenty of them, I lost 20 lbs. Go figure! In any case, there is nothing to compare to that special crunch, not all soft and doughy like many donuts today. Nice to know others also appreciate that legacy. Maybe she needs to go in my Legendary Locals book! Does anyone have a photo of her with her donuts?!!


  2. Gimme my donut! I can and must deserve my donut!!!!


  3. Posted by Susanne Abetti on June 5, 2013 at 14:22

    Dunkin’ Donuts are almost inedible. Support your local donut makers. Even Koffee Kup beats them hands down!  



    • Some of us love and are loyal to Dunkin Donuts. They are a true New England brand: as local as it gets.

      They also are good corporate citizens having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Boston Marathon Bombing victims.

      If they want to offer is a free promotional coffee roll, we will accept their generosity!


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