Three Break-Ins @ Hartland Public Library

Hartland public libraryHartland Library Director Amy Wisehart is asking for help from the public in noting any unusual activity near or around the Hartland Public Library after a series of break-ins over the last week.

She says you should contact the Vermont State Police who are investigating.

According to Wisehart, the first break-in occurred last Tuesday night when money was taken from a cash box. Entry to the building – at night – was gained through a window left open in the staff area.

The second break-in happened last Friday night and included screens being pulled off windows —  more items were taken from the Library including e-Readers and a digital camera. The cash box was broken into/pried open and change taken from it.

The third break-in was Monday night when those seeking to break-in again smashed a window in a manner resembling impact from a baseball bat. In the third case, no thefts were detected. Wisehart thinks the perpetrators may have been scared off.

Vermont State Police have only issued a press release on the first incident.  Wisehart notes it may be harder for folks to hear or see what’s going on due to the Library’s off-road location. However, its location notwithstanding, she says of the Library, “It’s the heart of our community.”

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