Floral Wedding Consultants in Worthy Man House


Flittering, flutters of conjugal, nubial happiness, we have just met one of the owners of Jasper and Prudence who are setting up their work space, flower arranging, floral planning business site in the lovely old “Worthy Man House” stone building on Mechanic Street.

Not a shop per se, but the location of their office, floral arrangement studio and meeting/conference space, these folks from Weathersfield are very excited to be moving into such a lovely location, centrally located between the venerable Woodstock Inn and downtown Central Street. A perfect location in which to service the wedding biz crowd. And we know how much Woodstock LOVES Weddings.

We have wondered when there might be an occupant for the space that has remained vacant since Zack’s Place moved out. These folks are delighted to be here.

jasper and prudence

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