Quechee Gorge: Abandoned Car Raises Concern

Update:  The body of a person who apparently took their life last week was found Saturday. We refer you to The Valley News for the details:

Hartford Police have conducted a low profile search in the last 48 hours in the Quechee Gorge area due to what they describe as a suspicious incident.20130607-190925.jpg

After a car bearing Massachusetts plates was reported parked and apparently abandoned behind the Quechee Gorge gift shop, police vehicles and at least one Hartford rescue truck were seen at various locations in the area.

Deputy Police Chief Braedon Vail told Woodstock Early Bird a note was found in the vehicle and that its contents gave reason to raise suspicions about the whereabouts of a male to whom the car is registered.

While Vail did not detail what specific suspicions were raised, Quechee Gorge has, unfortunately, been a site chosen by those who wish to take their lives.

Often in the case of a witnessed suicide attempt from the bridge, Hartford has called out its ropes and Swiftwater Rescue team.

While the low-profile search for an owner or driver of the vehicle was conducted yesterday, it is our understanding that waters in the Ottauquechee River are considered too high for any high-profile search- one that always carries high risks to its participants.

However, as of Thursday night, Vail says they did not have more to go on than suspicions raised by the parked car and the note found inside. He did not report having found anything of note along area trails.

As of this Friday evening, Hartford Police say there is nothing new to report about the case and to call back on Monday morning.

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