Smoke Over Village Is Permitted Burn Pile

We wondered what all the smoke is or was…We are told by Emergency Services it is a permitted burn on Cross Street.

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  1. Posted by Peggy Merrill on June 10, 2013 at 06:36

    Too much smoke for one village was my thinking. What were they (permitors/permittees)thinking?


  2. Posted by Jennifer Morin on June 10, 2013 at 14:59

    I’ve written about the dangers of wood and biomass smoke in letters to the Vermont Standard and I spoke to the Village Board of Trustees a few years ago, as well. The current statutes on the books (State Division of Air Pollution) actually prohibit biomass burning in residential areas in Vermont and I have successfully fought longer-term large-scale burning in my neighborhood here in Woodstock- precisely because it was happening within village limits. Biomass burning is actually very, very toxic. The American Lung Association warns clearly about the dangers of biomass burning. Many (educated, forward-thinking) states no longer allow backyard burning. at all. That’s why LIVING trees are so great – they sequester all of nasty toxins and keep them out of our air. When roots, trees, slash and bark are burned – you guessed it – all these toxins are released into the air. Equally worse, tiny particulates are released that can easily get deep into our lungs (as they bypass our normal lung defense mechanisms) and a focus for inflammation and one of the causes of lung cancer years down the road. These particulates are so small that they seep in through closed doors and windows and persist in the environment for weeks after a burn. Wood smoke is associated with heart attacks and sudden death and more.. Wood smoke IS bad – particularly for children and those with lung and heart ailments but it really bad for all of us…. Please speak up about your concerns! It’s a concern that we should all share!


  3. Posted by gretchen pear on June 11, 2013 at 08:25

    It seems to me it was irresponsible and inconsiderate of the person or persons who issued the permit. Neighbors homes are close together in this neighborhood and we are all affected by the smoke.


    • It was thick enough and pungent enough that we seriously feared a major fire….Again, as with so many things, simple communications to neighbors about issued noise and fire permits, nighttime fireworks, whatever, go a long way.

      Have the neighborliness and decency to let folks know BEFORE something unusual – that may effect them – is about to occur….

      It isn’t that difficult a concept and should be required before Trustees, Municipal Manager, Fire Chief or permittor says OK.

      Simple communication would save a lot of headaches!



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