Stonewall Hires New Chef for Bentleys

Bentleys Nikki and HeatherWe told you we were working the Bentleys new chef story and now have it for you here…from Stonewall’s John Ruggieri-Lam as part of a note he sent out to Woodstock Early Birds.

Maria and I are responding to the many loyal and dedicated Woodstock customers calling for some new menu items to be featured alongside the Bentleys “classics” . . .  So, we have hired an EXECUTIVE CHEF, Mr.  Jim Younce.  

We see that Younce is an Upper Valley Guy, having worked at the Sumner House in Charlestown and at the Common Man in Claremont. Continuing from Ruggieri-Lam:

We want to thank the  Town of Woodstock, our shopkeeper neighbors, and local residents for their continued support.  We are looking forward to a GREAT SUMMER! 

“RIVER STONES TAVERN”- the Bentleys alternative

 As you may have heard, within River Stones, we have set aside an area called “Lucia’s Café”, featuring food and pasta dishes with an  authentic Italian flair.  We completely rehabilitated the interior of the restaurant with new kitchen equipment, new delivery systems for local on-tap beers, and “Real City” soda brought in from Boston (Real City has been a huge success since being introduced at Bentleys in Woodstock).   

We  have created a “stage” area for live entertainment which will be regularly featured with rotating artists  and regional favorites including the likes of:  Pete Meijer, Rick Redington, Jim Yeager, and Susan Gabriel.

Lucia’s walls are  even adorned with paintings of our families ancestors for an added element of Italian atmosphere. 

We shall continually improve the aesthetics of the restaurant in the months to come, and particularly look forward to opening up our outside atrium seating area and “upper deck” seating for the Summer season.  
Maria and I are thrilled to have opened  River Stones Tavern at what we call the “Gateway to Quechee” at the new covered wooden bridge…

Stonewall provided a sampling of items last night to Woodstock Early Bird  and her friends at River Stones Tavern which included the Fried Green tomatoes, the Calamari, Small Caesar Salads and a Flatbread Mushroom pizza. We appreciated the service provided by the always competent and friendly Heather and Abby. On the Fried Green Tomatoes, delish, but we would have put the super sweet plum sauce as a side for possible drizzling rather than the super-sweet pool upon which the tomatoes were placed. The calamari we found out — and must correct —  is NOT “Paulie’s Calamari” from The Daily Catch but a totally different recipe, nice as a munchie with drinks. The salads and mushroom pizza were just right for a summer evening. Overall, great to have this Quechee restaurant re-opened again!

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  1. Posted by on June 9, 2013 at 18:30

    You have no idea how delighted we Woodstock folks are with all that you are doing. Smartly positive message from you…we are ready to support you and encourage our friends to be right there with us

    Bill and Barb


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