Not So Gleeful

Very sad news this morning with local realtors most likely already crying into their chilled Chardonnays….you know there is nothing better for business than a property sale to a famous person? Hence the weeping…

Sometime summer visitor TV “Glee” and current Broadway actress Jane Lynch and wife Dr. Lara Embry announcing their divorce in People Magazine.

Ms. Lynch has been one of our more discreet and cheerful visitors, someone who clearly values her privacy and that of her family but whom we have witnessed indulging a gaggle of teenaged Woodstock fans, calling out their stares and chatting with them. On her own terms.

We hope to see these folks “about the cabin” in the future.

Meantime for realtors hoping for the business buzz of selling property to a FAMOUS PERSON…Have you considered LIZA MINNELLI?

We know of some “Techie Texans” who might make the introductions…

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  1. Yes, Liza with a Z”, I can see it; she could perform “New York, New York” at a Pentangle fundraiser…she knows it cold…bonne idee!


    • Actually as Woodstock Early Birds already know LIZA performed here recently at a private birthday bash. So we are hoping she loved it here and yes, perhaps a performance at the next Pentangle Mud Season Community Showcase …altho thinking she might not DO MUD!



  2. Posted by A. E. Norton on June 12, 2013 at 09:53

    You mean “discreet,” as in careful, considerate, etc. Commonly confused with “discrete,” which means separate and distinct.

    A friendly nitpick.

    AEN from Linden Hill, “Proofreading Nazi”


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