It’s Tow Time & Noise Ordinances Officially Eased

Woodstock Early Birds, the Village Trustees were asked to get tougher with we chronic parking reprobates who had a series of outstanding parking tickets. They offered a pay-back “amnesty” at 50%. that lasted 60 days.  Pay up and they would take 50% off. Sounded reasonable and generous. Woodstock Early Bird took advantage of the pay-back “dealio.” Love a good “dealio”!

We hear from Municipal Manager Phil Swanson that close to $5000 in outstanding fines came in as a result of the quasi-amnesty.  Not bad. Nicely done! But that was only about 35 people out of more than 100 who have an outstanding bill.

But NOW: For the close to 70 people who still owe money to the Village: It’s TOW TIME!

Yes, Birds, if for some reason, a local law enforcement official/meter maid/meter guy  finds reason to be giving you ANOTHER PARKING TICKET, they will first pull out the OFFICIAL LIST OF PARKING REPROBATES and see if you/we are on it?

And then….BUH-BYE.

Away goes your vehicle to some secret pain-in-the-butt place that will give you a major headache to get back. We note it will be nothing like Washington where Woodstock Early Bird has had some experience trying to reclaim her vehicle from the traffic courts and scary back-waters of the District of Columbia. We have a bit of a traumatic disorder from said reclamation. But, still, even in Woodstock, we suspect TOW TIME  will always be HEADACHE TIME!

You are now duly warned. Village wants it money. (Maybe we can use those returned funds to pay for Village hanging flower baskets? Yuck, yuck, yuck.  Woodstock Early Bird joke.)

Also, out of Village Trustees meeting Tuesday….

Our new re-written expansion of  Village noise ordinances is  official. Everyone can now have their bands play until 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Party on, people. (Heads-up that tents are in place this weekend at The Woodstock Inn).

Need extra sleep? You get one hour on Sunday morning now before your neighbor’s leaf-blowers and other assorted lawn equipment start revving up at 8am.  Enjoy!

P.S. We observed a local business “sweeping their sidewalk” this morning — Yes, quite legally after 7am —  But not quite Joni Mitchell’s “Morning Morgantown” what with the industrial strength leaf blower. No leaves that we could see anywhere, but we sure heard it from three blocks away as well as saw clouds of dust in the distance in the pretty early morning sun. Lovely way to greet the day!

Here’s some info though about the new noise ordinances — which have gone through almost a year of discussion — with plenty of public input. The Village Trustees decision can be appealed in this way:

Citizens of the Village of Woodstock have the right to petition the Village board of trustees to reconsider the adoption of this ordinance at a Special Village meeting provided that such petition is presented to either the Village Trustees or the Village Clerk not later than July 26, 2013.

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  1. Posted by Stephanie Morgan on June 13, 2013 at 09:17

    What is up with leaf-blowers, anyway? They are used all the time on the Dartmouth campus and I am just not sure how much more ‘efficient’ they are at doing the job… clouds of dust when no leaves are present, 2-cycle gas engines that are very fuel inefficient, and when leaves are present, how much ‘quicker’ is it than using a rake? Doing it the “old fashioned” way gives one the opportunity to get some exercise, burn some calories, and let people be able to hear the birds in the trees and actually see their surroundings without clouds of dust! I guess I’m just too much a Vermonter… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – LOL


  2. Posted by Jon on June 13, 2013 at 11:02

    I think using a leaf-blower has something to with efficiency? Sort of like using a power lawnmower because takes less time than using an old-fashion quaint push lawnmower.

    I know its hard in Woodstock sometimes to imagine folks who don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands. You know, folks who can just spend the day raking leaves and trimming rose bushes. But actually there are folks working 2 jobs and don’t have time to pretend they are 19th century agrarian gentleman farmers.

    Now I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since the posting where everyone was concerned about the homeless lad at Vail Field. That thinking led to an idea!

    In the past Woodstock has only allowed a homeless person to live under a bridge and take pictures of him and sell them as postcards. You know, sort of like a pet. But, now that there is such a sincere concern for the homeless, let’s take action!

    There is a lovely home on The Green for sale. The one that used to belong to Georgie and it would make a fabulous homeless shelter. And let’s face it, we could be a magnet town for homeless folks, right? There are plenty in Rutland that need a place to stay.

    Now, I know what you are thinking. Homeless people! What good are they?

    Well, here’s the answer: laborers, free, almost slave labor! These folks could provide so many service that are needed and costly. Watering the hanging floral baskets, shoveling those nasty sidewalks in the winter, leaf raking by hand and of course lawn mowing with those good old-fashioned push lawnmowers!

    There you have it!

    Peace and quiet and free labor.


  3. Posted by ed on June 13, 2013 at 20:35


    Truly “A Modest Proposal” that every “real Vermonter” can get behind!


  4. Good one Jon, and while they’re at it we could load them up with Round-Up backpacks and they could tackle the Japanese Knotweed!


    • Hunter, was thinking JUST the same thing — But we need lots and lots of people to eradicate the knotweed Bob Pear-style — injecting every individual stalk along the banks of the Ottauquechee River….It is cumbersome work. WEB


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