Benjamin Moore Main Street Makeover: Paint What Matters Competition

Many Eagle-Eyed Woodstock Early Birds not falling off their branches from the mellifluous intonations of Mr. Brad Pitt’s voice over have noticed that a certain Vermont “Main Street” shows up in a new Benjamin Moore paint commercial.

To involve the public and increase publicity (as we are doing), the “Paint What Matters” campaign seeks the public’s input as to which town should get a Benjamin Moore makeover. We find this hilarious — but possible —  as we are not sure that Benjamin Moore “artistes”  would make it past the Woodstock Design Review Board unless ALL historic colors are approved first through a series of meetings which are likely to last a year as all suggestions must then be taken up by the Woodstock Development Review Board,Woodstock Planning Commission and then voted on by the Village Trustees. We may have missed a review board in there. In any case, herewith the video and associated links. Yes, why not give it a try,  you can vote for your favorite “Main Street” here:

We are pleased to see that three of our longest operating businesses, Unicorn, Woodstock Pharmacy as well as Nick Ferro Jewelers are featured.

One Woodstock Early Bird notes there does not seem to be a link for Woodstock, but that is up to Early Birds to do something about, if they wish. We are simply giving you the tools (and literary paintbrush) to go forth…

Other info on this ad here.

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  1. Posted by Hope McLaughlin on June 17, 2013 at 11:11

    Would a certain bright yellow inn be included in the paint redo?


  2. Posted by Gillette, Abby Lyn on June 17, 2013 at 11:30

    Isn’t it the case that approval is not needed for colors of paint on houses and buildings?


    • About 90% correct. Planning and Zoning says paint away neon, red, whatever! They didn’t really say that but we now know paint color is NOT regulated in the Historic District the way it is, say, in Lexington, Ma.

      However, according to Woodstock Planning and Zoning’s Renee Vondle, there is a bit of a permutation:

      “Even though the boards do not regulate color choice, the Design Review Board does consider the applican’t’s color choice in the area of keeping with the “character of the area” and sometimes makes recommendations. But a)Design Review Board is only a recommendation board b) the VDRB receives the recommendation and it gets noted in the Notice of Decision and minutes.”


  3. Posted by Careen on June 17, 2013 at 12:43

    Okay, so despite the fact Woodstock is featured in the photos, it wasn’t nominated as a “Main St.” town in a timely manner ( nominations closed on June 5). Waitsfield, Vt is the only Vermont town that made it thru the nomination process. Go Waitsfield!!


    • So many details…Thanks Careen for getting all the info and low-down!

      Alas, we are passed….



    • Posted by Elizabeth Kruska on June 17, 2013 at 22:20

      I noticed that, too! I tried to vote for Woodstock but found that I couldn’t, even though our town is in the ad.


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