Knotty Crimes

20130617-202802.jpgKnotty, knotty, knotty…A person or persons has weeded out their riverbank knotweed and OMG thrown it in the river…not just any river, but our own Kedron Brook.

As fate would have it, this was a definite “poking of the moose” (stirring up trouble!) from upstream since these piles of knotweed have come downstream and ended up in the brook abutting Woodstock Knotweed Patrolman Bob Pear’s backyard.

We just had a knock on the door and faced a visibly shaken Pear with an industrial sized garbage bag.

We joked, “Let us guess: That’s for knotweed!” We thought it was a joke.  Apparently it isn’t.

Pear responded, “I’ve called the police and told Joe Swanson I’m going in with my seal suit and snorkel to get it out.”

Alarmed, Woodstock Early Bird put on her black rubber boots and followed since she has never been on scene for a knotweed removal operation by a Knotweed Patrolman.

We arrived to find a pile of plant material on the Mechanic Street footbridge which had been plucked out by Mrs. Pear who stood with her husband, Mr. Pear, who was brandishing roots. When we asked Mr. Pear and then Mrs. Pear what their knotweed patrol credentials are — you know, are they trained botanists or horticulture experts — Mrs. Pear indignantly remarked, “I’m a NURSE!”20130617-202751.jpg

The point is this (We are not biologists but we get it): If you cut this stuff down BAG IT, REMOVE IT.

One leaf with stem and you have a gonzo invasive nightmare.

Throw knotweed in the stream and you have just helped its propagation. Which will cause a disturbance in Woodstock Early Bird land. Do KNOT cause a disturbance in Woodstock Early Bird land.

Weed, eradicate, what have you but our message of the evening is carry it out.

And now as we remove our rubber boots…A sprig of knotweed there to garnish your evening mojito?

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  1. Posted by Bob Pear on June 17, 2013 at 21:45

    Actually, the pile was plucked out by Mrs. Pear, I was just the designated bagger. I then put on my seal outfit and snorkel to explore upstream to find the source of contamination, (I am glad you didn’t get a picture of that).

    And shame on those upstream neighbors! I would like to give the benefit of the doubt that they just didn’t know. So thank you Julia for getting this out there so hopefully people will change their behavior in the future. I will also be asking the Village and the Town to reach out to all landowners abutting our rivers and brooks on this issue as well as our recent zoning regulations enacted for riparian buffer protection.

    By the book, Woodstock Village Ordinance 5102 WATER POLLUTION (a) No person shall discard, throw, or put any garbage or other item which would tend to pollute into any river, stream, or brook in the Village, or on the banks thereof.


  2. Posted by Molly on June 18, 2013 at 14:21

    Sorry Gretchen was the actual ‘plucker’ and that you were merely
    the ‘bag man,” Bob. But enjoyed the blog note and, yes, it is
    an invasive species that has to be removed & destroyed properly.
    Also, Julia’s writing on this incident was highly amusing, nonetheless.


  3. Maybe we should create a map of the major brooks and streams with their infected spots just so people are made aware of it. I have a big patch on a property along the Kedron that I’d like to tackle, but what good is it if people upstream are ignorantly throwing their knotweed in the river to reinfect me?


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