Today: Discover Your National Park and Hartland JazzFest

Ranger Julia MABI Porch

2009 File Photo: Woodstock Early Bird Park Ranger

Good Morning Saturday Early Birds…Much ado about the cabin today…First, off, you have to know that Woodstock Early Bird as a former National Park Service Ranger MUST encourage you to Discover Your National Park today (schedule listed at link).

Parksters at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller here in Woodstock are having a Community Day from 10a-2pm and here are some of their encouraging activities:

1. Free Mansion Tours every hour from 10-2pm — It’s so much more than the stuff in the mansion — although that stuff  is pretty amazing. There is a whole story about Vermont and Conservation and The West.  Drama. Discovery. Yes, people, right here. Excellent ranger story tellers.   We are of the belief that anyone who works in the tourism and hospitality business in the Woodstock area should know THESE STORIES including how the Billings Farm and Museum fits in to the whole package.

2. Hidden Spaces and Specialty Tours — Ooooh, this is good, peeps. Tours of the Belvedere, Bungalow, Fall-Out Shelter, Big Trees (note that these groups will be limited in size and you may have to wait for the next tour) Our FAVE Bungalow Tour discovery…Is that a UFO? Really, see if you can find it!

3. Picnic on the Grounds — Parksters are encouraging us to pack a basket and bring a picnic to enjoy on the lawn or in the gardens while we listen to music by local artists. Very hospitable of the Park, yes?

4. Kids — Junior Ranger programs all day with fun, fun Rangers. Spoon carving, tree ID, Quests, Lawn Games.

5. Mt. Tom — Oh yeah, a total of 550 acres of National Park to explore. Take a hike!

Now, on to another activity option:  Woodstock Early Bird LERVS her a good jazz band. Get thee to Hartland — we had it wrong in another post:

The Hartland Jazzfest is TODAY from 1p-8pm in the area of the Hartland Library — across the road from Mike’s Gas Station, just off the I-91 or just down Rt. 12 to Hartland Three Corners.

Finally, let’s not forget: Pentangle Now Presents AWESOME DIGITAL MOVIES, this weekend in  3-D with FREE POPCORN. This weekend’s premier presentation is a Star Trek movie. See our advertising rail and link for details.

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