Rt. 4 Accident Taftsville Bridge

A tractor-trailer accident with a car at Taftsville Bridge.

A vehicle was trying to make a left hand turn onto the Happy Valley Road when the tractor-trailer came up over the hill and curve, also heading West and rear-ended the vehicle.

Taftsville resident Charlie Wilson said he heard the screeching of the tractor-trailer’s brakes from his house up the road and pointed out the skid marks left on Rt. 4.

Woodstock Ambulance reported no transport from the scene.



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  1. Posted by Toni Richie on June 25, 2013 at 13:58

    Not another one! How many accidents have happened over the past 10 years on Route 4? How many resulted in death or serious injury? How many involved driver distraction (phoning/texting)? How many were related to road conditions? to road design? to speed? How many people were/weren’t saved by seat belts? How does Rt 4’s history compare with similar highways? Are the problems more a result of the highways or of the drivers? Will tweaking the speed limits really help? Where does one look to find these statistics? They must exist somewhere, but is anyone compiling/analyzing them? or are they in a basement somewhere in Montpelier, or on a defunct hard drive on a dark closet shelf?

    Excuse this rant, but something is rotten on Rt 4! Not a day has passed when, while driving between Woodstock and WRJ, I have encountered fewer than 5 cars traveling with their wheels slightly over the center line.


  2. Posted by Diana Brown on June 25, 2013 at 14:27

    Toni, I was wondering the exact same thing. We already can access statistics about fatal accidents on all of Vermont roadways, and factor out those caused by alcohol and perhaps speeding. In fact, media often includes the year to date info when reporting on holiday accidents etc. Could not our local institutions of information be asked to compile and publish this info on a monthly basis for rt 4 from Bridgewater to the NH line? Also someone in the State DOT must be doing this if they are readying a plan for improvement, as Shumlin promised.


  3. Posted by vbrooks on June 25, 2013 at 15:09

    Having been in the store yesterday when the most recent accident occurred it was awful to witness. The small car was stopped on Rt. 4 to turn left onto Happy Valley Rd. and the big semi truck behind her coming down Rt 4 for some reason did not see she was stopped – although he was able to slam on the breaks and swerve he hit the rear corner of her car. This spun her across the lane of incoming traffic where she rested facing the other direction across the road in a yard. Had the trucker not been able to apply the breaks and swerve some he would have likely pushed her yards up the road head on into incoming traffic. What was equally as unsettling was as the truck stopped to see if she was ok cars in BOTH directions weaved their way around the semi truck through the accident scene to hurry up and get where they needed to go! Several locals stopped who live right near here to see if she was ok – but the routine Route 4 traffic never skipped a beat causing the situation to be even more dangerous after the collision. For anyone who knows this area let me also tell you about what people do who want to look at the T-ville bridge construction – they pull head in to the fence on Route 4 (bridge side) with the a** end of their cars parked out into Route 4 get out and walk BEHIND their cars to go “see the bridge”. This is a narrow shoulder of grass not a parking lot. Unbelievable. Can the big lighted signs not say something about the number of fatalities and not just watch your speed. Yes the informed person should be able to make the leap – but if you are on the distracted the word FATALITIES might get your attention. Drastic times…..let’s hope our angels are not distracted when we need them.


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