Door-to-Door Salesman Complaints

OFFICER: Chief R.Blish​​​
CONTACT#: 802-457-1420
DATE/TIME: 062413​
LOCATION: Town/ Village
INCIDENT/VIOLATION: Solicitor (Door to Door Book Sales)

Person of Interest: Daniel Hanson
AGE: 19

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: During the past few weeks the Woodstock Police Department has received several complaints regarding a solicitor going door to door throughout Woodstock.

This subject obtained a peddler’s permit and is a legitimate sales person working for a company called Southwestern Advantage, which sells education materials.

The guidelines of the permit only authorized him to sell between the hours of 10 am and 7:30 pm.

At least two complaints have involved Mr. Hanson knocking on a resident’s door past 7:30pm.

Mr. Hanson has been warned regarding his violation of the parameters of his permit and that further violations of the permit conditions will result in the revocation of his permit and possible fines.

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  1. Posted by Ann Jones on June 24, 2013 at 20:49

    He came to our house on Saturday. My husband was outside and he insisted on speaking to me. He was pushy. What was freaky is he actually threw out names of close friends of mine, not just neighbors…” She should look at this, so and so really loved it.” We found this strange and wondered if he had access to FB accounts. I had seen a notice about him, called the Village police and they assured me he was ok. I am glad it was a Saturday and my husband was here. I support people earning a living and being passionate about what they sell but not being pushy and making others feel uncomfortable on their land or in their home.


  2. Posted by PJ Eames on June 24, 2013 at 22:23

    He came to our house at 9:30 pm. He was very pushy. Our outside lights were off, and he still came down our driveway and to our door. It took a good 10 minutes to get him to leave, even with 2 dogs barking at him. I am also very glad my husband was home.


  3. Posted by Kate on June 24, 2013 at 23:26

    The young man also showed up at our house June 5th at 9 a.m. (violation of permit hours) and I insisted that I was late for work and had no time to talk and we did not need his materials. He mentioned the name of a teacher at our high school and that she was a fan of what he was selling (surprising actually to me since I personally know her and would not think this was something she would endorse)-I really, really had to tell him he needed (and me!) to leave. He was pushy and more than persistent and I waited to be sure he left my driveway.


  4. Posted by Jennifer Morin on June 25, 2013 at 09:42

    Yes, he came to our house, too – after 9:00 p.m. a week ago Saturday! Our outside lights were also all off and all of the lights in the house were off except for one small light in the living room. He was yelling out hello as he walked to our front door and woke one child up and she was frightened. We also had a very, very hard time getting him to leave our property (we never let him in the house but he was firmly on the front door step and wasn’t budging). We finally just closed the door and locked it. He threw out a lot of names, but we didn’t recognize any of them. He tried to tell us that certain people in town had specifically recommended these materials for our children when our children have never attended Woodstock public schools.

    Do we get a say in whether or not we have a “peddler” come to our home? Does the town/village get money for the permit? Does the permit cover for the town, as well ? or only the village? It felt very harassing and very uncomfortable to me. I, too, am so glad that my husband was home. The police need to rescind his permit ASAP.


  5. Posted by Lora Wise on June 25, 2013 at 10:48

    He was relatively polite when he came to our house during daylight hours on a Saturday. I am not remotely defending the actions described here, and I can’t stand door to door sales, but it sounds like this is an incredibly shady company that takes advantage of customers and the students and young people it cons into doing these sales…they receive “training” in these tactics and are required to work 80 hour weeks. Again, not defending his actions in the slightest, I would have been very concerned as well, but the blame is bigger than just the individual…the company ought to be ashamed of itself and I have no idea how these places manage to stay in business.
    And maybe the Woodstock Rec or PD should sponsor a self-defense class. While I totally get wanting to have backup in any threatening situation, we often don’t have it, and it sounds like some citizens do not have much confidence in this kind of event. It can happen at home, at work, at a concert…verbal self defense, assertiveness, and other strategies, as well as physical self defense.


  6. Posted by Richard Windish on June 25, 2013 at 11:55

    This guy is working down in Reading also, came up my (quarter mile long) driveway about a week ago. It was sometime around 8 p.m. or so. I was in the middle of my outside chores and obviously in no mood for an uninvited sales call. I had no trouble getting him to leave (I am a fairly large fellow and I was pretty short with him, and basically told him to “get the hell off my land”), although he was quite pushy. I made it clear to him that in a rural area like this, it is not a good idea to come on someone’s private property without invite…especially if it is evening time and the homeowner is busily doing something that is important to them. Like most folks around here, I value my privacy and freedom from outside interruption. Heck, that is why I live in a rural area at the end of a long road). I thought it was rather bold of him to come so far onto private land for a sales call.


  7. Daniel is a beginning participant in his first few weeks of our summer sales and leadership program for university students. Our apologies for any disturbances. We are always happy to be reached with any questions or concerns by contacting us directly at 888-602-7867 or email us by visiting
    Thank you


  8. Posted by Kathy Britton on June 25, 2013 at 13:31

    This person came to my door before 9am and was SO pushy. I told him I was not interested and he proceeded to tell me that all of my neighbors (listed by name) told him I would be interested because “you have so many kids.” Creeped me out completely. I told him to leave and he looked like he was going to remove his shoes (to come in??). I locked the door and he finally left, driving out of the driveway going WAY too fast. I called Woodstock PD and was told it was ok. BUT, two days later I was watching a movie in the evening with my children and I looked out my front door and guess who was standing there???? Don’t know if he even knocked but I screamed to him that he had ALREADY been here and if he came on my property again I would call 911. My kids were very shook up. I was too.


  9. Posted by Jennifer Morin on June 25, 2013 at 17:31

    Lori Wise, Thank you for probing further. I looked into this company and I, too, feel that the company is taking advantage of this young man (and others). It seems that they assign territories, so he had no say in ending up here. They train their “independent sellers” in these pushy and aggressive tactics. A bad situation on so many levels.


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