Apology for Door-To-Door Intrusions…Or is it?

Woodstock Early Bird is in receipt of an apparently anonymous message from “Southwestern Advantage” which is the bookseller of texts being purveyed by a door-to-door salesman making calls (and apparently refusing to get off people’s property when asked) in Woodstock, Reading, and Hartland.

The Woodstock Police Department issued a press release Monday addressing complaints, explaining the salesman does have a permit but has apparently been operating in violation of the times described on said permit. We’d say, you broke the terms of the permit, so it is hereby revoked.

In addition, Woodstock Early Bird commentors report the salesman being reluctant to leave people’s homes when asked. We’d say “we have concerns” — mostly that rural Vermonters don’t take well to un-invited solicitors refusing to leave the premises when told “We are NOT interested…”   Don’t know if they covered that in “sales school” but this young man is lucky no one has, shall we say, bodily or otherwise removed him from their property.  Perhaps it should be covered in their “core” curriculum.

We suggest “Southwestern Advantage” ask their “beginning participant” to get wise and perhaps take his peddling elsewhere. The message is clear:

No, thank you! Goodbye! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out….

Here is the text of a “comment” that we received this morning:

Daniel is a beginning participant in his first few weeks of our summer sales and leadership program for university students. Our apologies for any disturbances. We are always happy to be reached with any questions or concerns by contacting us directly at 888-602-7867 or email us by visiting http://southwesternadvantage.com/contactus

Thank you

No word on who the “Thank You” is from….

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  1. All Woodstock is concerned about is the peddlers fee they missed out on. They rather see the kid rob a bank or sell drugs under the bridge rather than make an honest living selling books


    • Not the way to do it. Wouldn’t consider tactics used by this individual to be in any way a way to make an honest living.

      Clearly, at the very least, he has been instructed to ignore and disrespect people and violate terms of a permit to advance his own agenda. Good luck with his future having learned those “life skills.”

      Here is a clue or two for this man:

      1. No. It means: No.
      2. Leave my property.
      It means: Get off my property.

      Anyone who can not understand those two concepts is going to run into trouble.


  2. Posted by Charen Fegard on June 25, 2013 at 16:09

    That young fellow made his pitch at my house 3 weeks ago or so. He was very pleasant and I found nothing offensive or of concern in his behavior at all. Can’t imagine it is the same person. But then again, I’m fairly direct and would have been pretty blunt about asking him to leave.


  3. Posted by dianne on June 25, 2013 at 20:02

    When this young man showed up at my door a week or 2 ago I never opened the screen but was struck with how incredibly pushy he was and that he really DID NOT take NO for an answer.As I walked towards my kitchen he continued to yell through the screen and insist that I give him a minute. Being (originally) from NYC I can assure you that I am no stranger to “pushy” and this was inappropriately PUSHY BEHAVIOR!!


  4. Posted by Tracey Dugdale on June 27, 2013 at 20:30

    He came to our house too, and he was very pleasant and polite. There was nothing wrong at all with his behavior. Not at all pushy or offensive.


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