Plate Up Some Climate Change: Shumlin…and Buh-Bye Maples

We know, we know, a lot of  folks still hate Al Gore. But it ‘aint about Al Gore any more. Let’s call it “climate change,” rather than “global warming” and describe it as a variety of phenomenon that in some places mean increases in temperature and in others mean decreases. And let’s say we are looking at long-term trends in extremes, not individual occurrences from one summer or winter to the next.

That is what we, Woodstock Early Bird,  have to say as a “generalist” on this controversial but important topic, but one who has also done a little bit more study on the topic than your average bear while working in Glacier Bay National Park.  First, a press release from Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and then we provide a link from from the past week, an article about expected changes in Vermont tree species related to changes in climate. 

Gov. Peter Shumlin issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s climate announcement:  

 “Climate change imperils our environment, our economy, and the way of life Vermonters hold dear.  We understand the high price of climate change — from the devastation caused by more frequent and violent storms, to the quieter but significant shifts we see every day on our farms, in our forests, and in our rivers. That’s why it is so important that President Obama today put us on course to reduce pollution from power plants, some of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in this country.

The President’s plan to boost energy efficiency programs and to continue support for clean, renewable energy also will help our country meet its obligation to fight climate change while providing jobs and saving money on our energy bills.

Vermont has shown that these efforts can help our economy prosper, even as they protect our environment.  I thank the President for his leadership.”Ash ID


And now from an article about changing tree species…Prepare for Ash and Maple Migration! This article is one in a series about Climate Change and Vermont:


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  1. Posted by William Boardman on June 25, 2013 at 15:58

    The President didn’t kill the Keystone XL pipeline.
    In other words, he’s not serious.

    But then, who is?
    Certainly not anyone who ever thought
    that ad hominem references to Al Gore
    had anything to do with planetary health.


  2. Here’s a website for anyone concerned about climate change and its effects:

    This takes you to the website for a symposium to be held in Strafford VT in August. I think many people will want to attend. After all, the issues are huge, and yet, are things we can each do something to help alleviate.


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