Focus! New State Website to Track Rt. 4 Hartford-Bridgewater Issues

FocusWoodstock Early Birds who want to get involved, or just want to know what local and State of Vermont transportation officials are doing with regard to Route 4 safety can now go to a “Vermont Safety Alliance”/State of Vermont sponsored website. The website includes notes on recent meetings, action plans, email contacts, and traffic studies.  It features a graphic labelled FOCUS.

This morning we received  notes about Route 4 safety issues taken from a June 17th meeting. Those attending the meeting included Woodstock’s Municipal Manager Phil Swanson, Emergency Services Chief L.D. Sutherland, Jr. and Police Chief Robbie Blish.

This thumbnail excerpt of planned actions — most of which have already been reported —  is from Kevin Marshia of the Vermont Agency of Transportation to participants:

1.        Traffic counters will be deployed by the end of this week to measure speeds at four locations along the corridor through the July 4thholiday weekend.  We will then deploy counters again in August once the highway has been paved.

2.       Within the next week, there will be multiple message boards (possibly adding some to what is out there) with a coordinated message campaign that change on weekly basis.  The messages will highlight distracted driving, speed, safety belts, etc..

3.       VTrans is also working on a paving project that will resurface the highway, install rumble stripes and improve the pavement markings with the intent of that work starting in mid-late July. Stay tuned for more information.

4.       As a stop gap measure, until the paving begins in a month, as soon as the weather permits, VTrans will be painting temporary pavement marking lines on US 4 . 

 The formal report — in full- is included on the website. This is the first part of the report:

US 4 Hartford – Bridgewater

Highway Safety Roundtable

Notes, Action Items, and Data

Vermont Fatalities(people count)

As of June 24, 2013
25 Fatalities

Year  Fatalities
2008  73
2009 73
2010 71
2011 55
2012 77

2013 Crashes

As of June 24, 2013
by crash type

*2013 *2012
Fatal 24 70
Injury 742 2251
Property Damage only 3748 9269

* 2012 & 2013 data subject to change


On Monday, June 17, 2013 local, regional, state and federal highway safety stakeholders met to discuss crash data, crash trends, existing mitigation efforts and to identify opportunities for collaboration to reduce crashes on US 4 from VT 100A in Bridgewater to US 5 in Harford.  There were 33 attendees representing the 4 E’s of highway safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and EMS.The first portion of the meeting focused on crash data and a discussion on observed causes and concerns along the corridor.  An overwhelming majority of those in attendance agreed that driver inattention was the greatest contributor to crashes along the corridor.  While the data and information was not available, there was anecdotal information that cellular service or the lack thereof in the area may have been a contributing factor to increased driver distraction.

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  1. Posted by karl on June 26, 2013 at 10:16

    LACK of cellular service is a distraction?


    • Yeah, we wondered then thought about it. If folks are talking on cell phones (even with earpieces) and they lose their connection, they probably do get distracted trying to re-connect. Or simply Folks who don’t realize no service, trying multiple times to get “bars” to establish a call when there are none to be had. We get that and how it might be a problem… WEB


  2. Posted by Chris Balcer on June 26, 2013 at 11:53

    Not to hijack but the flashing sign on Rt 106 warning of delays a/o 7/15….what’s that about?


    • That is about the one little bitty old bridge that needed repair all the way back before Irene…remember? THAT project was put on hold for Irene recovery and now it’s BACK….But the sign only speaks to DELAYS on that one day…This is NOT a full closure that we know of. WEB


  3. Posted by William Boardman on June 26, 2013 at 12:37

    Interesting stats —
    showing 2013 death toll running BELOW average.
    of course the numbers are raw,
    not seasonally or otherwise adjusted.


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