S-Kittish Kitty is Home

photo (7)Mellow Yellow is HOME!

The owners of a  beat-up, skittish kitty  that was giving some Helpful High Street residents a tough time  have claimed their months-lost cat.

On the very day that Deb and Steve finally were able to get the cat into a trap, the cat’s owners were reading about their long-lost pet in the newspaper.

The High Street Good Samaritans took the cat to the vet where it was as fixed up as it best it could be after literally months in the wild (some shaving, shots, de-flea-ing, etc.).  It was, on the very same day, within hours, re-claimed by thankful owners.

And now we know: His name is Mellow Yellow….


P.S. In other Woodstock Ckat News: We can also report that the Lackley’s  “Lost” Tommy returned home and was waiting for some TLC and supper when they got back from vacation. We understand Tommy seems less interested in being “OUT” than he was before his two-week adventure.

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  1. Posted by Nancy H on June 30, 2013 at 17:07

    He is a very lucky boy – hope he finds a way to tell Steve & Deb what wonderful souls they are.


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