Tonight: Dress for “The Theater” Gatsby-Style

great gatsbyTonight is a coupla’ fun events all mixed into one: Go see The Pentangle-sponsored “The Great Gatsby” movie at the Town Hall Theater dressed-up in your best  20’s Gatsby-era garb (Viewing Partay) and then flap your way on over to Bentley’s to enjoy some specialty drinks post-film.  Or Cocktail Hour it pre-movie, then sashay your way down the Village Green in the other direction and go see the film. Easy walking, parading, or simply gracing us with your “Jay” or “Daisy” dressy presences.

The whole multi-faceted event is being “produced” by Jess Abston of “Who is Sylvia?” Clothing Store on Central Street. We encourage you to go in this afternoon and see if there might be a little something there to add to your “look”.  Or she can help you put together your whole look.

You know that we can now call Jess  “Stylist to the Stars” after she assisted none other than Leonardo Di Caprio select some items from her shop while he was here last summer flying below the radar (sort of) in Woodstock.

We once spent a whole afternoon trying to chase down Brad Pitt who was sighted at the Douglas Island Pub, Alaska. Alas, not as successful as Jess in her movie start encounters…

“The Great Gatsby” is a book, BTW, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Your local library or bookseller might have a copy.


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  1. Posted by Jess on June 29, 2013 at 13:14

    This shindig is going to be the cat’s pajamas!


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