Help Keep Barnard Store Lakefront Trash-Free!

This is an appeal to all those who enjoy the lakefront area across from the
Barnard General Store.

State parks have discontinued making receptacles available for trash.

Although this property is not state owned, it has become increasingly
difficult for the Barnard Community Trust (owners of the property) and the
store to keep up with trash removal.

For this reason we are asking everyone who uses the property to bring a bag
and take any trash and/or recyclables with them.

Please help us keep this space clean and enjoyable for all. Thank you for
your cooperation.

The Barnard Community Trust and The Barnard General Store

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  1. Posted by xavier baldwin on July 4, 2013 at 11:42

    Unbelievable! The State of Vermont is now trying to imitate California which has resorted to volunteers to try to keep its highways clean. It may not work…..

    The fact that Vermont’s highways are clean, and, up to this point are well maintained, is one of the many things we love about it. We also love Silver Lake and the Barnard General Store.

    In California the highway system has deteriorated to the point that in some urban areas the freeways are littered with trash and look like something you would see in the third world.


    • Actually the Barnard Store and the adjacent lakefront are privately owned and so there is really no reason that State workers should have to pick up trash off private land. The area discussed here is not Silver Lake State Park.

      It is only through the kindness of the Barnard Trust that this area of land continues to be open to the public. It is up to us to maintain that privilege.

      As to the bigger picture, we all vote our pocketbooks and values. If no one demands funding for maintaining parks, resources…guess what, they will be left trashed by the wayside.

      If parks and clean pleasant recreation areas are valued by us then financial resources will have to be cut elsewhere.

      WEB (former National Park Service employee)


  2. Posted by Betty on July 4, 2013 at 16:00

    We should not have to be asked…carry in/ carry out! My philosophy regarding our beautiful world is to leave it better than I found it, meaning I not only don’t add to the problem, but I clean up after others when I can.


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