Quechee Gorge Bridge Fender Bender

Woodstock’s Lora Wise reports with a photo from the scene about a half hour ago @ 5pm — Traffic was tied up on Rt. 4 at Quechee Gorge Bridge due to a fender bender. Hartford Rescue obviously on scene:


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  1. Last night at the Hartford Selectboard meeting the town manager announced a plan to have additional HPD patrols on Rt 4 between Exit 1 and Route 12 through Labor Day 5 days a week. Cost of the plan is about $17,000 and will be paid for out of the FY 2013 surplus. The 5 days will be be determined weekly in conjunction with VSP which is also stepping up enforcement along this stretch. Goal is to get local drivers inside the speed limit and focused on their driving. The “Woodstock approach” that has cemented good behavior on the roads in the Village is the model I’ve been pushing the town to adopt.


  2. Posted by Donna on July 10, 2013 at 18:36

    There really should be a yellow caution light at the gorge.


  3. Posted by A Adler on July 10, 2013 at 20:57

    Caution and stop lights …if Quechee is a ” downtown designation” by the town and state it just needs to be done. $17,000…is far more than is needed, we don’t need patrols just common sense stop lights and sidewalks.


  4. Posted by karl huck on July 10, 2013 at 21:02

    this was not a fender bender. The law enforcement vehicle was stopped when that car slammed into it. The car was obviously totalled


    • Call it a fender bender, a rear ender, a slammer, a plain old bad accident. It is all descriptive opinion until the facts are accurately described in an official police press release. Until then, obvious or not, since we personally were not on the scene, we will stick with a generic and often used description for an incident in which — as far as we know — there was not serious injury. WEB


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