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He’ll Be Back! Youth Denied Permit in Springfield to Return to Woodstock

At Tuesday night’s Woodstock Trustees meeting, Woodstock Police Chief Robbie Blish gave an update on the young door-to-door salesman who many in the Woodstock, Bridgewater and Hartland area had complained about.

This young man, sent on a summer work mission, was ostensibly selling educational materials but was reported to use strong-arm tactics, that included refusing to leave people’s porches or land when asked or when told by residents they didn’t want to buy books.

We even have heard of a kindly man of the cloth who had to raise his voice and use an epithet to get the salesman to leave.

While Woodstock Police issued a press release on the young man’s activities, they did not revoke his permit.

We learned from Blish on in his report on Tuesday night that Mr. Daniel Hanson has in the last week or so skedaddled his hard-working butt down the road. However, Trustees were forewarned that Hanson will be back in our neighborhoods to deliver materials he was apparently successful in selling.

Now, interestingly, it turns out that our thick-headed, refuse-to-leave the property salesman is STILL in the area with reports of his being down the pike in North Springfield and Springfield, Vermont. And we have discovered that THERE — According to an update on the Springfield Police Facebook page just hours ago — he has had HIS PERMIT REVOKED!

Comments on that Springfield Police Facebook post echo exactly the experiences folks have had here.

While some patient folks who have not experienced the salesman directly have lamented the fact that the poor young man is just trying to make an honest living, virtually everyone who complained either to Woodstock Police or on this blog said Hanson was beyond annoying and turned a deaf ear to the word, “NO!”

That said, one kind woman who dealt with him in Barnard said she didn’t have a problem with him per se but that she felt sorry for him and felt that he was being taken advantage of by the book company for whom he was working.

That company, according to their website, Southwestern Advantage, based in Nashville, was originally was established as a way to sell Bibles door-to-door.

We looked for Mr. Hanson at this website link, but were not able to find him?

You try!