Two Little Theater Concerts with Jack Snyder and Friends This Weekend

Jack in Concert

Jack is organizing another music concert at the Little Theatre in Woodstock – back-to-back nights – on July 12 and 13, and putting together a great band, which will perform many songs written by Jack as well as covers.  

The concert will be to benefit the WUHS jazz/funk music program, and his goal is to “give back” up to $500 to the school music program.    

This concert will include a professional group of musicians including  his producer/recording friend from New York, ADRIAN HARPHAM on drums, great local adult jazz musicians BOB MERRILL and DRAA HOBBS on keyboards and guitar, and SEAN RITCHIE, Jack’s friend – on bass.

 Jack and Sean will both be attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston this Fall. You can at

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  1. Posted by Joby Thompson on July 12, 2013 at 12:13

    Hi Julia – Jack is also entertaining at an event a week from Sunday (the 21st from 5 – 7:30) under the big tent on the green in front of St. James. They’ll be leaving the tent (from the St James Fair) up an extra day to enable us to have an event for The Congo Village school project, It’s going to be great and all are invited.


    • Joby, thanks for the info. Your comment passes along the info quite well. As to church activities we generally don’t do separate posts for any although we know there is lots of good work going on! We have been approached in the past about your Congo activities but cannot be a fundraising outlet for all good deeds.



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