Vermont Health Access Commissioner Holds Public Forum August 5th

Whether we like it or not Vermont starts a new health care program in 2014.

For those of us, including Woodstock Early Bird, who are currently accessing and/or paying for health care through the State of Vermont, including Catamount Health Care via Blue Cross/Blue Shield, we are promised big changes.

Unfortunately, many of us are already maxed out by “change” including Catamount’s proposed 24% increase in premiums heading into 2014.

Two main questions: What will changes cost? How will change affect health coverage?

Without getting into the politics of it, perhaps the new commissioner of “Health Access” can clear up how these changes will affect our pocketbooks and perhaps even our HEALTH CARE.

So, we are told this Vermont Connect group is NOT a front for one our bottom-line for-profit health care insurance providers – we asked – but a non-profit government group simply here to help (or to sell, we will see).

The announcement is this, provided by Rep. Alison Clarkson and Vermont Health Connect:

You’re invited to a community forum with Mark Larson, Commissioner of the Department of Health Access, to learn about Vermont Health Connect and upcoming health reforms.

Topics include:

1. Who can get coverage?

2. Choices available to individuals and small businesses

3. Financial help available to some Vermonters

What: Community forum hosted by the Town of Woodstock and State Representative Alison

When: Monday, August 5, 2013, 6:30 pm- 8:00 pm

Where: Woodstock Town Hall- 2nd Floor, 31 The Green, Woodstock, VT 05091

Who: Mark Larson, Commissioner of the Department of Health Access

For more info:

Vermont Health Connect will offer a new way to choose a health plan that fits your needs and your budget. At, you can make side-by-side comparisons of your health coverage options. Both private and public plans will be available through Vermont Health Connect.

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