The Royal Baby Story in Pizza…And Wi-Fi Cars Littered with Pizza Crusts?

Royal Pizza Baby

Not far behind John Oliver’s fun-making of a CNN reporter’s insipid remarks about how “brilliant” Catherine is to have produced a MALE heir to the British throne, next in line for best “report” on this pop culture event is the royal baby depicted in pizza. (Artiste Domenico created the pizza before news of a SON, hoping the baby would be named “Margherita”)

We’re sure there is more local, local news out there like the dark clouds over Woodstock which forecast rain. But, as you know, sometimes Woodstock Early Bird likes to fly around, pecking at tidbits that make her laugh and fall off her branches.

Tidbits like this one: What well-known realtor has been camping out, scarfing bandwidth in his fabulous expensive German-made vehicle in front of the Norman Williams Public Library because Fairpoint was twiddling its thumbs about fixing his wi-fi connection at his home office? Finally, after two weeks or so, we understand Fairpoint got ‘er done but not before said established Woodstocker was asked to move along out of vendor spaces by a friendly meter lady.

Tidbit #2: We understand someone else was asked to move along out of an local establishment at closing time as he also sought wi-fi access due to lack of Fairpoint bandwidth at his home office.

What’s up here, Woodstock Early Birds? Do we detect a problem in SERVICE from one of our local communications companies? A broader issue, perhaps, to the entire business community: Do we want all our local business people lurking in cars or private restaurants and hotels trying to get whatever wi-fi might be available? Is this any way to get ‘er done?

Oh, you have Comcast? You’re good, then, right?

Here’s the dealio: the whole discussion about communications, wi-fi, etc. is less about we, with perfectly adequate service in our homes, and MORE about the general business atmosphere and general offerings to those who may wish to join our community.

Which brings us to the latest odd-ness of which we must speak:

Several weeks ago two new representatives to ECFiber were chosen, selected, approved by Town of Wodstock Selectboard to work on behalf of Woodstock to assist in getting fiber optic lines into our community. Yes, there have been financial and technical issues on how to get that done, leading to a broader conversation about whether or not EC Fiber is the best vehicle for fiber optic connectivity.

All that said, we were shocked and, yes, dismayed, to find out that our new ECFiber representatives quickly informed ECFiber they would be acting on behalf of Woodstock and not necessarily EC Fiber when it came to connectivity solutions and then promptly organized a private meeting, attended by some 20 people, in which they primarily (this gleaned from documents provided to Early Bird) discussed ways to get the various private communications providers to share their Woodstock-based technology in order that we might all be better connected.

We think this is an interesting idea, although not really based in current reality whereby communications companies are competitive, interested in financial gain and answerable to stock-holders.

However, here is the problem, Woodstock Early Birds. There is something called an Open Meetings Law. As delegates approved by the Town of Woodstock Selectboard,, these Wi-Fi Guys need to inform the general public of their meetings and invite them to attend.

We had several communiques with Peter Rousmaniere who kindly provided info after the fact and apologized for not inviting the media. Inviting the media is NOT the point! Inviting the public IS!

Basically everyone attending the meeting has their minds and hearts in the right place: They want a solution so we don’t have local lurkers taking up bandwidth and parking spaces to get their work done or visitors totally shocked that they can’t get good internet connection. These folks at the private meeting want connectivity for the greater good. We get that.

However, paternalistically private meetings are not “cool” when you are supposed to be representing the public as members of ECFiber, a group Woodstock voters asked to be part of.

Solution: These very savvy “Wi-Fi Guys” should formally resign from ECFiber (since they don’t seem interested in finding a way to pick up any number of EC fiber optic cable connections so closely in reach) and then continue their mission to help Woodstock via a private group if they so choose.

We will be happy to hear of any solutions this private group can reach. But, let’s make clear who the “Wi-Fi Guys” actually ARE: Private wonky (we love wonks) citizens with little interest in EC Fiber who, in addition, are crucially unaware of what representation means — including its inclusion, of, yes, even the ignorant, unwashed public.

Watch this space…and be on the look-out for local lurkers with pizza-crust filled vehicles or those who stay a little too much past closing time. They may look like your upstanding friends, neighbors and business people, but they are desperate for wi-fi and will do almost anything to get it. Can we possibly help them out?

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  1. Posted by Chris Miller on July 26, 2013 at 14:13

    I am a bit late with my comment, but…
    The Town Selectboard appoints delegates to ECFiber, not the Village Trustees.


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