US Border Patrol Takes Custody in Woodstock of Foreign Nationals

Press Release From Woodstock Police Department:

DATE: 7/26/2013

TIME: 1555 hours

LOCATION: South Park St

NATURE/ SNYNOPSIS OF INCIDENT: Motor vehicle complaint/ Suspicious Circumstances

Woodstock Police received a phone call from an off-duty police officer that a white Ford Expedition was driving erratically on Route 4 coming east into Woodstock Village.

Corporal Swanson stopped the vehicle on the Green. After interviewing the driver and two passengers; the three occupants were determined to be undocumented foreign nationals.

Woodstock Police contacted US Border Patrol and they conducted a phone interview with the three occupants.

After the phone interview Border Patrol determined that they would respond to Woodstock in order to process further.

US Border Patrol came to Woodstock Police Station and took custody of the three foreign nationals.

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  1. Posted by barb on July 27, 2013 at 06:47

    we need more/all people to be so observant……


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