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Rock Concert or Literary Festival?

We are just wondering if the joy of quietly reading a book or having a quiet conversation about an idea found in a book has been lost in our Bookstock Literary Festival?

Books vendors and publishers with booths on the Village Green have had trouble hearing and or talking to potential customers today due to the din of over- amplified music from bands playing LOUDLY all afternoon.

It is about writing, books, ideas. This is an event whose participants do not need more stimulation than the written word and the ideas or imagery conveyed by the written word.

We have long lost the library as a place for books and quiet reading of books. Where is a person to go if not a literary festival to find others who share an appreciation of the sound of silence?

Not every event needs a band. As one participant suggested who was having trouble having a conversation this afternoon: a little acoustic music as background? Sure. The amped up amp? No way.

What we had today was a din emanating from the Green that crowded out the beauty of a place, a park perfect for browsing and thinking about books and for a quiet read.

Less is often more and that applies to “festival” music. Those who wanted festival music this weekend are in Newport at the Folk Festival.

Those who love books and writers are here and we suspect they are just fine without outside stimulation from that they are enjoying at various talks.

Perhaps we might consider adjusting our welcoming mayhem to the audience and tone it down so we can hear ourselves THINK?