ATV Near-Miss With Amtrak Train

Vermont State Police report only minor injuries from an incident that was first called in to dispatchers as an All Terrain Vehicle encounter with an Amtrak train travelling through North Hartland.

Upon arrival Vermont State Police learned that at no time did the young ATV rider have contact with the train.

VSP say the young man saw the train coming and quickly moved away from the track to turn around his ATV and dumped out in doing so. They say the ATV driver was wearing all advisable protective gear and reduced any injuries to minor ones. He was not transported from the scene.

However, the Amtrak conductor DID stop the train to assure that no contact had been made, according to VSP.

No tickets were issued and by the time Woodstock Early Bird came on scene, the train and young man had left the scene as the ATV was being taken away by a man in a pick-up truck.


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  1. Posted by William Boardman on July 28, 2013 at 13:17

    And more than 632 dogs bit nobody!


    • We get your point. But a near-miss with a train in which our local fire and rescue volunteers as well as Vermont State Troopers are called out on a Sunday afternoon is worth noting, particularly since anyone who heard the call would think a boy was hit by a train. Clarifying that, in fact, that did not happen is as important as reporting that it did.



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