Naked Table Project on Covered Bridge Today

naked bridgeFrom Charlie Shackleton:

The Naked Table Lunch is on the bridge at 12.30 today. It is the 5th annual and the 16th that we have done, with 183 tables having been made, 18 of them yesterday at the ShackletonThomas workshop.
There will be 108 diners and the lunch has been completely prepared from locally grown produce by the Woodstock Farmers Market.
All the Sugar maple wood was harvested at the Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park.
Michael Snyder, Commissioner for Vermont Park, Forests and Recreation is the guest speaker on behalf of Governor Peter Shumlin.naked table

This connection of the Naked Table Project with food is crucial, because, that relationship with good, organically locally grown produce has recently become very well understood, but now we have to think of these bigger vegetables, called trees, whose wood is not only a locally available sustainable resource, but is also very important as building blocks for other parts of our life”


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