Serious Rollover at Peterkin and Fletcher Hill

Woodstock Ambulance and Fire Rescue are on scene at a one vehicle rollover accident at the bottom intersection of Peterkin Hill Road and Fletcher Hill.

The accident happened at approximately 6:30pm and appears to be quite serious.

Woodstock ambulance is on the way to DHMC with a patient. A paramedic has been called in to assist.

The scene is still active with three fire trucks and an ambulance. The area has been roped off at the intersection with Riverside Way and a Vermont State Police accident reconstruction team has been called in.

Incident commanders still working the scene have not given an official readout.

However, Scott Reed who lives near the accident scene heard the crash and ran out to help. He says he found a vehicle that had rolled over guardrails and ended up on its side in the ditch near a brook wedged against some trees.

Reed says there were two occupants in the car. He assisted, speaking to one, but could not get them out. Reed says a woman coming the other direction in her car saw at least part of the accident as did friends in a vehicle behind.


We will obviously provide official details when we get a press release.

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  1. Posted by Janet Hughes on August 18, 2013 at 21:02

    This intersection has been a concern to both my husband Peter and me for quite some time and we have felt this spot was an accident waiting to happen. We are both saddened to hear this report, knowing that there was another horrible unfortunate and unnecessary accident. Yes, the sign coming down Fletcher says Yield, but we typically come to a stop knowing the unpredictability of the intersection. Not knowing the circumstances of this particular accident, I can not further comment. If this is another case of drinking and speed, then I am concerned for all of us, anywhere, who may be in the path of danger.


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