Police Offer Help to Homeless Man

Woodstock Police Chief Robbie Blish has offered to help an apparently homeless man from Arizona who has been seen with his dog all over the Village the past few days.

Blish says the man is polite and not engaged in any illegal activity but has caught the attention of many in the Village due to the young man’s bare feet and his dog , who although leashed, is often wandering untethered.

Blish says he offered to buy the man shoes and to take him to The Haven in White River but his offers were declined.

The man has been asked to leave private property including Mac’s grocery. Employees there said the dog had snapped at or bit employees but Blish said there has not been any such report to police.

When Blish spoke with the man, who has unkempt blonde-red hair and a beard, the man said he was headed to Maine. However, he was still in the Village today with his dog. Blish said the man, although polite, showed evidence of suffering from a mental disability lapsing into a discussion on Satan.

Blish says it appears the dog is being cared for so there is nothing police can do further. He notes that while it is generous to offer money, that activity may keep the gentleman here rather than getting him help from services that might offer longer term assistance.

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