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Woodstock Early Birds we have some random “about the cabin” items for you this morning..

cool inside*First, Woodstock Village businesses are setting up for their three-day end of August sidewalk sale right now. Inventory they would like to move, at bargain basement prices (we hope!). Expect slow traffic now through the weekend. Some folks like to do thing a little differently, in their own style, such as Unicorn’s Jeff Kahn who is “sidewalking” on the inside. Is he offering air conditioning or cool stuff? Perhaps both…

*In other notes, we have a Woodstock Early Bird report of a young black bear crossing Rt. 4 at 2:30pm the other day in the Quechee campground area. Hopefully, this is not a “garbage bear”. As always, pack it in, pack it out.

*Some good news folks, about a local business looking out for its local clientele. We hear that Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic in West Woodstock is NOT charging the Little family for its care of her eventually deceased dog Gus, who was hit by a car on Route 4 last week. BTW, the Little’s yard does have a fence and the dog was inside that area, but somehow, obviously got out. The vet and staff at the clinic provided immediate trauma care, x-rays, blood work and care for several hours after the accident. The Little’s were heartened to get a bill for Gus’ care with only a charge for cremation. They pass along their public thanks!

*We also have spoken with someone close to the new “Learning Area” at the Woodstock Elementary School who concedes that perhaps not everything will be finished on the new playground by start of school. However, the goal is to get the sod and play surfaces down by start of school. A couple of Woodstock Early Birds expressed concern that the impressive climbing wall looked as if it might require constant supervision by staff in order to assure kids’ safety. We are pretty sure that — at least during school hours — monitors have always been with the kids on the playground.

housingIn other area construction news, the adjacent property to the Woodstock Elementary School that was once a garage, then a rented out art studio and offered up for Woodstock public parking, now owned by Bill and Jenny Lamb has finally been dug up. A new foundation is already in place for their planned new home on South Street. The Lambs hope to build a total of four 2BR homes on the parcel over time. Right now , they say their aim is to be into their own new home by winter. Chris Ambrose is managing the project. In the past, the Lambs had billed the housing as 55+ so there will be three units for sale.

We will do a separate post later, but up to Barnard FABLE FARM is putting on their dinner theater events this weekend. These are some great hard-working young folks who are growing food, providing entertainment and may be the well-rooted future of the Barnard community. Let’s give them some support!


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  1. Posted by vbrooks on August 23, 2013 at 10:43

    Sounds like some great stuff is happening in the Village and beyond this weekend and what great news about Kedron Valley Vets!! Brava!! Just a note that although we are not in the village proper – but are part of Woodstock the Historic Taftsville Country Store will also be having a big side walk (well, ok front stoop and blacktop and maybe grass) SALE on Saturday. If you have not been to our shop lately come on down and see what we have! Great sales – the BIG Wheel of cheese……and lots more.


  2. Posted by Careen on August 23, 2013 at 12:39

    I wish there were as many comments about good news in our town as there seem to be about controversial topics . I , for one, take tremendous comfort from the incredible kindness extended to our family by the folks at the Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic. I believe a gesture as purely positive as this should be celebrated and applauded with as much energy , and perhaps even a little more, as we seem to direct at negative or controversial topics. Wish there were more stories like this in the press. Thank you KVVC for making my world a better place.


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