Playground: Ground Cover Is In – Save The Sod!


In a photo taken this weekend of the new Woodstock Elementary School playground, you can see the new sod has been put in place. Photo Credit: Karen White

Woodstock Elementary School Principal Karen White has been kind enough to share with us the plan for supervised non-class activity over the next month or so until the new WES playground is ready for PLAY. Bottom line: Kids will have a place to go when dropped off or waiting for pick-up and Vail Field will be used for supervised recess:

Dear WES Families:

The playground portion of our project is basically complete with the exception of paving planned for September 3rd and 4th. “Save the sod” must be our catch phrase for the next 3-4 weeks while we, literally, watch the grass grow on our amazing new playground!

We must minimize foot traffic on the sod so that it may take root. Please help save the sod and remind anyone you see on the playground that it is not open at this time.

(We have edited out non-relevant portion of a letter to parents here-WEB)

Students will leave from the front door as they have in past years. The playground will obviously not be available for after school use.

While we eagerly watch the grass grow and wait for it to be ready for use, we will use Vail Field for recess.

We planned for, and will have, two people on recess duty at all times with the new playground and so we will be well staffed as we use Vail Field in the interim.

We have walkie-talkies we typically use at recess and they have excellent reception even beyond Vail Field…I have marked my calendar to be available at lunch recess for the first few months of school to further ensure safe operations both at Vail Field and when the new playground opens.

Karen White, Woodstock Elementary School Principal

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