WC de PLUME Revealed!


If you see one of Woodstock Early Bird’s most frequent contributor/ commenters, “WC de Plume” please wish him a Happy Birthday!

Here is WC with his lovely wife Barb!

WC has kept “The Bird” from veering too far off the highway…with a welcome humorous snappy aside when warranted. Does it all kindly and swiftly…sparing us pain!

Wouldn’t it be great if the Town of Barnard would share Road Foreman Lance Webster with the Town of Pomfret to help them take care of business?

We are sure there are plenty of able folks who could step up to the 2am blizzard road details in Barnard so that WC could help out with some management down the road apiece…But we understand and guess that is all water through the plugged up culvert!

In any case, Happy B WC from the Bird!

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